Well, it was just another busy day of hair ..when I realized something.I think an important something , when I am able to create hair that makes someone happy (not the happy u get when u smile ) The REALLY happy you get when you understand that on the outside you match the beautiful you are on the inside. I am really Blessed ! Doing hair can seem boring or mudane to some but it’s my calling.My God given calling, it’s weird to think of it that way for some ,but for me it’s truth. You see when I have the opportunity to spend this time with people ,they open up ,they tell me things-some things that only Jesus should know !Some things are their joys andsorrows ,I consider this an honor .To be given the chance to be real with people and love them well there are no words ! And that they would trust me with this & their hair ,well I am WOW’d (is that a word?) I am truly passionated about making people understand they are precious & loved . It is such a blessing to think I get to do this while creating wonderful Hair!To encourage you to be strong ,make hard choices and step out of THE DAMN BOX !That’s what I want you to experience ..not a mundane, rushed, “Regular trim”.Maybe I am truly obsessed with all things Hairy…but it blesses my soul in a way no bloggy words could express.


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