A Night oF Inspiration

So yesterday was a BuSy day..it started off with a sore neck in the morning from a color swatch book ??? And was probably from the massive amounts of hair I did . I was worried that I would be spending the whole day on the heating pad .But “duty called” (My little sister) she needed help moving . My Sissy & her Hubby will be deploying to Iraq in February  To serve Our Country.. which I am convinced may be her secret way of seeing if she can make me  officially go Nutz .  This is a picture of them . Please Pray for them and

and ME uuhhmm I mean their family left here .I am Honored to be her sister she is An Amazing woman and Stronger than any Bitch you have ever met !!!Big Papa  just walked by and smiled he’s soo used to seeing me cry at the computer ..lol. I’m the crier she’s the Soldier. What does this have to with a hair Blog ? I’m trying to get to that part.Finally after some moving boxes we left only to be stuck in the Glorious Friday night traffic. Finally after a quick big city girl blowdry I was on my way to  BlogLove “Takes Flight”

I got there a little late but was still able to see the trapeze artist Mara do  breath-taking trapeze theater …I just want to build a wig and hang it upside down with only gravity to move it .See I told you I was Inspired ! Not just by that but by being in a room full of women ( some hubbies too) with a Vision!!! The Bible says somewhere without a vision we would all perish ! I know I would . My dreams last night were full of hairy flying inspiration. How powerful it was to meet you ladies !  And to come home and stay up to wee hours of the morning reading Your stories and smiling . So stay tuned please and bear with my NEWBee blog .


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  1. citymouse
    Jan 23, 2011 @ 13:27:28

    I don’t think we got to meet at the BlogLove event but it’s good to “meet” you now. I will definitely keep your sister and her hubby in my prayers. My son has been in Iraq since last June so I really do understand.


  2. Lara (DiPaola Momma)
    Jan 23, 2011 @ 18:47:35

    First off.. GO LIL SIS! I did a tour myself way way WAY back in the day which imbibed me with a life-long appreciation for the strength and sacrifices of military members and their families.

    Secondly.. now I’m even MORE bummed I missed BlogLove (darn life getting in the way) I always love to meet new people and newbies!


  3. LoveFeast Table
    Jan 24, 2011 @ 02:06:05

    Oh sistah!! So glad you’ve entered the blogging world!! It will make the journey so much …. more fun!! We love that you’re a hair blogger! One of a kind. Now we just have to work out taking you with us on all events! 😉
    ~Kristin and Chris Ann


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