Don’t Worry ,Be Happy

Ok ,Ok, I know cheesey song but really when you come in to get a hair cut are you typically stressed??? Will your definition of an inch be the same as your hairdresser? Is she going to make you wait hours? Will she be sober? What is the most ridiculous thing you had to endure during a salon service?

I want to help you with this , give you pointers to get the most out of your salon service. Because honestly I just hear way too many horror stories that could have been prevented.

Before you even make your first appointment check out the salon , go in look around -see if anyone is screaming in the back. Ask to be shown around ,ask what  products they use , how long have they been there,you get the idea .You can even do this over the phone,sometimes the way they answer the phone is the 1st way you can tell what the atmosphere is like. Personally the best way to find a great Cosmetologist is through a friend ,if you like her hair than you probably like her hairdresser!Some salons will give you a FREE consultation,which is a great way to see if they know their stuff.

Now that you have made your appointment ,do some prep work .Get some pictures from the internet ,magazines even ones of how Your actual hair used to be.When you get there be sure to talk, before she shampoos you.Tell her some things you want to know about how to get more volume or what products she recommendsfor your hair type.

Finally ,Dear if when she’s done or during you start to feel like it’s NOT what you want  ask her to fix it or get help to fix the problem.BEFORE YOU PAY & leave!!!

Lots of problems can be avoided if you take some of these steps.As a Cosmetologist I want to make you happy so you will come back that is what most salons want repeat service so be sure YOU ARE HAPPY !

Look at Little Miss Red Bow she’s smiling !


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Elizabeth Baer
    Jan 22, 2011 @ 00:23:04

    I miss living in Baltimore where you could do my hair!


  2. LoveFeast Table
    Jan 24, 2011 @ 02:09:10

    We miss you living in Baltimore Liz!


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